This is the most awesome thing I've seen...

Entitled, "If Alabama Football Player were your job, then this would be your office"...From RBR, which I think got the reprint from an email circulating through Tide Pride (correct me if I'm wrong).

I'm only go to excerpt a few things, you really need to get over there and check it out; not only is it of particular interest for UA fans or football fans, but for anyone that's ever wondered what kind of facilities a modern student-athlete has his/her disposal at a major program

That is just an awesome poster...plastered throughout the weight room facilities.
And, judging from some of the motivational slogans, I see that I'm not the only one who's a big fan of Genghis Khan...

As the players leave the locker room and head to the practice field they have to pass by a pyramid of the logos of the teams they will play this season.

What happens to those logos as teams are defeated? Well, they are signed by every player that contributed to the victory. The signed placards are then placed onto a wall leading to the tunnel at Bryant Denny Stadium. Last year, for instance, we played 14 teams, and won every last one of them...However, the year before, we did not meet all of our goals, and those logos remain in the pyramid as a sign of a task left unfinished.


There is so much more cool stuff there, including the roping off of the logo in the locker room, etc. The only think I can say is that it is well worth five minutes of your time to check it out.


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