The coolest old people on the planet: Literally.

These two are smiling for a reason...

Ah, the sunset years. Time to retire to a good life of rest, leisure, hobbies, and enjoy the company of your loved one. A chance to reflect upon a life spent in toil and hardship, and look back with pride on your accomplishments, while shepherding the younger generations alond their life's journey.

Well done, me...well done...


But, sometimes retirement can be a bit difficult, particularly when your relationship isn't strong, or your friends and loved ones start to be ill, or pass away. Then, there is the potential boredom; after all, you've spent your life working and striving. Now what?

However, if you're the Smith family, 75 year-old retirees in London, boredom most definitely is not on your agenda. See, while other elderly couples are traveling, taking up (or resuming) hobbies, gardening, visting with friends and families, Ian and Jean Smith have something way, way cooler to distract them...

They are Britain's oldest swingers.

Pics or it didn't happen...

Wow. In an fascinating story by SWSN.com, it is revealed that the Smiths are the unofficial "King and Queen of Swingers" in the UK. And, by their own estimate, have had over 300 orgies or shared encounters.

Despite their age, Ian and Jean show no signs of slowing down and vow to continue swinging for as long as physically able.

But Ian admitted: ”Our children know but they prefer to say nothing about it – I guess it doesn’t matter how old you get, you can still be embarrassed by mum and dad.”

This is really, truly, the most awesome story ever. For those of us concerned about life ending when our productive years are concluded, it's damned good to know that our reproductive ones can continue.


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