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Cracked on Ingmar Bergen

Paging Antonius Block...

I love me a good Bergman film; grainy black and white movies, usually with the incomparable Max von  Sydow, beautiful women, two hours in the dark exploring the post-modern crises of faith in a cold, uncaring universe. Cracked has a beta topic index, where readers can create their own sort of dick joke Wiki. 

The entry RE: Ingmar Bergen is some special kind of awesome. Be sure to check out the full entry, but below is a snippet of the Bergen Drinking Game

Now that you know everything you need to know about Ingmar Bergman, you can Netflix a few of his movies and play this game with your buddies:
One Drink
  • a character appears in a mirror
  • two characters have a dialogue while at least one is staring an the abyss
  • Max von Sydow murders someone who totally deserved it
  • Something makes no fucking sense
Two Drinks
  • a character questions the existence of God
  • a character has a moral crisis
  • Sven Nykvist is a genius

Well done. Well done.

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