Alphabetical of Simple Pleasures: K-O

Once again; great things to give as gifts, pamper yourself, or be a snob...all for $30 or less! Also, it is worth noting, that I am not paid for any of these endorsements. This is a 100% non-commercial venture. I just try to share the love to whom I can, when I can.

Enjoy. You can also peruse Parts One (A-D) and Two (E-J), respectively.

K-Pak Deep Penetrating Moisture Reconstructor

At $18-$24, this is an absolute essential for those living in dry areas. More importantly, for you poor bastards stuck in the cold, dry, frigid, snowy/icy, windy weather gripping most of the country, you know how much havoc is wrought on your coif. This is pricey for just over on ounce, but no conditioner on the planet does so much, with so little, so fast for your frozen locks. Obvs, not for every day use.

Macallan Fine Oak 10

This one cheats a bit (usually retails for about $32...but, let's pretend anyway). Macallan is a Speyside/Highland scotch, usually known for its 12 and 15-year varieties, and excellent amber coloration. The "Fine Oak 10" is, as you'd guess, an aged oak, 10-y.o. version, and, is an excellent mid-priced entry, replete with complex flavors. Let's hear what "Spirit Journal" magazine says shall we, upon giving this top shelf booze four- out of five-stars:

Pale golden yellow color is pure and clean, the initial aroma reveal supple, buttery, and piney aromas. The palate entry is honey sweet and silky.

If that doesn't make you thirsty, I don't know what will....

Library Card

Where iTunes is 20th Century par excellence in musical cataloging, it doesn't have shit on the original master organizers: Libraries(ians). From Alexander and Athens in Greece to Athens in Georgia, libraries are the repository of human knowledge, belief, innovation and imagination. A city has no soul unless it has a library; and, if there is one thing on this earth that can change a child forever it is a trip to the library (the summer reading programs are brilliant, and life-changing --growing up as a desperately poor child, I can personally attest to this fact). Best part is, as a taxpayer of the county/city, your membership is usually free, and, if not, libraries (and supporting them), represents the single best $5-$10 you'll ever spend. Ever.

H/T to the Fetching Frau Schatten for reminding me of this one :)

The iconic NYC Central Public Library...

Nordstrom "Smart Care" Flat Front Slacks

Simply put, I love Nordstrom's slacks. American Eagle makes jeans and chinos that actually fit like a glove, no tailoring required. But, for everyday business slacks that fit that way, it's a tougher bill. This is where the "Smart Care", machine washable, flat front, no iron-required, business casual slacks are perfect, and fit perfectly. Nordstrom quality; great fit; low maintenance, and affordable during the Labor Day sale ($27.99-$45.99, after 40% off).

Pleats are for suckas, yo.


You probably know this fish better as Wahoo, on the mainland. However, the Hawaiian word for this critter is "Ono", which means "good to eat" or "delicious". And, it is absolutely both of those things. A mild, firm fish, with little gaminess and a pleasant texture, it is exceptionally versatile for grilling, and is excellent sashimi style as well. Local caught Ono goes for about $13.99/lb, prices on the mainland are as high as $24/lb. Either way, meet the Sea Bass' equally delicious cousin. 

The redder the better. Look at the core of this thing...it's practically a tenderloin.


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