All I want for Christmas is...

Something nice and dainty; with a lil' bit of ribbon and red; maybe some soft; and, ultimately very, very pretty? Perhaps with some sort of floral arrangement?




Happy Kwanzaa/Hannukah/Christmas/Saturnalia/Yule...
Hope you get everything you're looking for.

(and, if you're exceptionally attractive, I'm sure Der Schatten can work out a lil' something to put under your tree...if you've been naughty).


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  1. Honestly. I've got a Shibari/Rope fetish. I can't think of anything more attractive, more primally sexy than the curves of a beautiful woman accentuated and teased out with some ornate knots.

    We have this notion in society that bondage is sleazy, kinky, dirty, etc. But, when done well, it is hella' aesthetically pleasing as well.