Tuesday's Winter Born

Or, at the least, winter-bound. More snow. More sub-zeroes. Today the opus is going to start going up, as well as an embarrassing admission to curry favor with the football gods. Stay warm.

Lyrics go now:

And in the fury of this darkest hour
we will be your light
you've asked me for my sacrifice
and I am Winter born
without denying, a faith is come
that I have never known
I hear the angels call my name
and I am Winter born

Hold your head up high
For there is no greater love
Think of the faces of the people you defend
And promise me, they will never see
The tears within our eyes (My eyes are closed)
Although we are men with mortal sins,
Angels never cry

So bury fear for fate draws near
And hide the signs of pain
With noble acts, the bravest souls
Endure the heart's remains

Discard regret,
That in this debt
A better world is made
That children of a newer day might remember, and avoid our fate.

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