Monday's Hurting for the First Time

Happy New Year's everyone. After my two week stint to spend too much, eat too much, and cook/clean way too much, back to the grind, eh?
Let's enjoy the first few days of 2010 with some Wolfsheim, "It's Hurting for the First Time"...call it the first hurt of the New Year.

Lyrics Go Now:
seven hundred times
i thought of you
a voice of innocence
i hear it calling
i know it's you

now i realize
that it's just hurting
for the first time
i feel it aching
i know it's you

seven hundred lies
seven hundred ways
to hide the fact
that i am longing
longing for you

but now i see it...i feel it...
it seems so right
a trace of light
that i will follow
till i reach you

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