Monday has got to do a better job...

Absolute doldrums.

Still getting my ass kicked with Sr. Partner out of town.

Getting kind of pissed off at Hawaii: Love the locale here, but the people aren't the greatest: I live in Geezer-Central. If I hear one more motherfucking piece of shit Jawaiian/Reggae/Hawaii tune, or light jazz, I may stab someone. Not to mention, this is a remote place...If you're not down with all-outdoor activity, all the time, then you probably don't want to move to West Hawaii. And, trying to find folks to hang out with is im-fucking-possible.

And lucre. Filthy, nasty lucre. So damned broke because our entire economy is based solely on fossil fuels. The slightest variation in fuel prices, sends a spike that ripples hellishly across the fiscal landscape: Produce becomes a luxury commodity; essentials become prohibitive. (and because I signed a shitty contract last year, but there you go).

So, there we are. Really pissed off this morning; primarily about practicing law, money and being really fucking isolated out here. Maybe it'll pass. Who knows? Who cares? I'm going to go have a drink.

On tap today is whatever I feel like doing :) (but, I do want to update the City of Refuge...got some more information that I need to add to the record and correct).

But, until then, let's have some Deicide, because it seems like an appropriately pissed off kinda' tune...Fuck Your God (and it does have some pretty sweet zombies).

 Brutal. Simply brutal.



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