Gettin' down on Friday

By now, you're all familiar with the abortion of tween-tainment, Rebecca Black's "Friday" (<== no way am I linking to that). In all of its autotuned, musical oblivion and lyrical inanity, it could be the worst thing published in the musical catalog over the past decade.

But, it does lend itself to a particular dark humor.

Enter Matt Mulholland, with his own brilliant, but depressive take on "Friday" (and Fridays, in general). A buddy of mine, a lawyer in Alabama, sent me this on Twitter. And, felt it necessary to share because A) it's funny, and B) this is exactly how I spent my Friday: Verge of angry tears, head in my hands, trying to get drunk enough to make it all go away....

...it didn't work.

The upside is, I did laugh sardonically for an hour as I kept this one repeating on my iPhone. Perhaps you will get a lil' enjoyment or catharsis out of it?

H/T to Espyonaj.

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