Wednesday Insomnia Breeds Misfits...

Went to Huggo's last night: Easily my favorite upscale restaurant here in Kona (although if you want to drive to Mauna Lani or Waikoloa, there are some serious restaurants up there...including a very nice Ruths' Chris near the Kings' Shops).

Anyway, stuffed myself on Kona Brewing Co. Fire Rock Pale Ale, Lobster cakes w/Aioli, NY Strip, potatoes, asparagus (and filched a lil' of Monkaygirl's Taste of the Islands Linguine). So came back in a food coma...likely drunk...and crashed at 9:00.

Lo and behold, ten til three and what happens? Wide. The Fuck. Awake. Not like I have to make a 5 hour round trip drive or anything today, then get back and write a brief...not to mention it's humpday. If I survive today, raise a glass in my honor, cuz I'll probably be drunk by noon.

On with the show: Today's selection features a lil' band you've probably heard of...they adorn the denim jackets of punks and metal heads, and have for almost three decades. You can see the iconic logo just up above (feel free to 'Apple click-Save as'). But, we're not gonna' do the newer stuff. Nope we're going back to the OG...Glen Fucking Danzig.  Runty powerbroker of trash metal, and progenitor of the "devil lock" haircut (of which, your's truly once rocked).

Last Caress...it's a classic.
You are welcome.



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