Thursday Misses Drunk Metallica...

Listened to "...and Justice for All" over the weekend, and lord is that album still powerful, powerful stuff. And, it was the last of Cliff Burton (RIP) and the old, awesome Metallica.

In tribute of drunk Metallica, I give you the shit that didn't suck.

Black Tee Shirts; grungy hair. Alone in a warehouse. 
This is what Metal was meant to be...

Incidentally, the film "Johnny Got His Gun", based on the excellent Dalton Trumbo novel of the same name, is a depressing, powerful statement on war and the grist mill of trench warfare. The fact that Donald Sutherland is Jesus and Jason Robards is Dad just steals the show.
If you don't weep or get a bit unsettled, then you're probably not human (or a Republican).

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