Well, Well, Well...Guess who's coming back?

This guy, that's who.

Who's happy to be coming back?
As you may remember, I was in the process of moving from my digs in Mid-America to the paradise of Hawaii. Been here and working now for about 4 months, and things have finally calmed down enough to post again on a semi-regular basis.
I don't expect the content to change: Same ole' lefty politics, gallows humor, issues in the law, odd news stories, things pissing me off RE: current affairs, libertine sexual themes, daily YouTubes of whatever strikes my fancy, as well as obligatory/gratuitous hot nerd/goth chicks (work that SEO, yo).

Until then (which shall be soon, I promise) enjoy a Slave Leia Convention! wh00t1!1!

The one in the bikini is totally checking me out...


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