Money: Wherein I discover very bad things about my partner

Awww, lookit how cute we are. Hard to believe that she could turn into a rage harpy, isn't it?

Holy and Shit. This morning, I woke up, and then proceeded to get the Monkey up about 2 hours later. We have been dealing with an exceptionally recalcitrant malpractice insurance company who has taken it upon themselves to -instead of invoicing us- directly bill quarterly installments of our premium in monthly increments...directly to her credit card.

Like this...only with more anger, longer claws, and more offal dripping from sharpened teeth.

Needless to say, this was imputed as all my fault (yes, it's frustrating, and no I had no idea, and yes I did everything to make it stop). But, I discovered a terrifying, angry side of her that I never want to see...and one which secretly (or not so) makes me truly believe that of the many things that her family could have fucked her up over, perhaps none was effectuated quite so angrily, violently and reactionary as her countenance when confronted the prospect of debt.

I wholly blame her fucked up capitalist upbringing and her Victorian notions that owing money is a moral offense. That's capitalism at it's heart. Of course, had she read Das Kapital, she'd know that the system simultaneously imprisons you and then makes you feel bad about it.


All I know, is that I'm staying well the fuck out of her way. Admittedly, that may make me a pussy, but it also equally speaks to the exceptional vitriol she can summon before she's even had her first cup of coffee...

Sorry, baby...I tried, and have been trying. Please go sacrifice small puppies elsewhere.


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