Thursday is moonstruck

Full moons and new moons always screw with my -already negligible- sleep. Not sure why. I think I'm just exceptionally sensitive to tidal flows and seismic events (when we had a 3.3. earthquake, 300 miles away, all night I felt weird and couldn't sleep). I don't think it's uncommon. For instance, Lux Interior, in the Cramp's confessional I was a teenage werewolf apparently has similar problems.

Show proper deference to the legendary Cramps. It is very safe to say that without the duo of Lux Interior and Poison Ivy, the current pyschobilly trend would not even exist.
Requiem Aeternum, Lux.
You had to know, upon mentioning psychobilly, that I would give you a bonus Patricia Day picture. Viva Horrorpops!


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