Pedobear/John Edwards can get behind this...

According to a French researcher (e.g., libertine), marriages flourish when the wife is at least 5 years younger than the husband.*

That's pretty hot...so, tell me, are you marriageable?

I can honestly say that my first marriage did not work out that way, although, according to the researchers, it was destined to succeed: The wife was 27% smarter than me, and I was 5 years older. Of course, the esteemed scientist did not count on knocking up a man-hating lesbian who loathed men with the wrath of a thousand suns, nor did they count on the person (of alleged 20% greater raw intelligence), being married to someone who was -objectively- a friggin' genius. So, there are a few confounds....

Nor, apparently, did they account for my "it's all pink" Blitzkrieg strategy....

All that said, I wonder what the same researcher would think of the research demonstrating the wonders of an occasional extra-marital romp in the sack? The "money shot", as it were, is this line:

“young women in love” must “understand that mono-gamy sometimes conspires against a lasting relationship”...“Men dream of sex,” she says, but are able to separate sex from love more easily than women. “Some men,” she goes on, “can spend the afternoon in a hotel with their mistress and come home to dinner with the family without any feelings of guilt.” According to Vaillant, obsessive fidelity is as much of a plague in a marriage as serial infidelity


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