Steampunk can be pretty damned awesome

Yeah, it's getting kinda' cliched, but sometimes I'm still awed by the fascinating steam punk creations that people make. As my friend Jeanne told me, "I could really get into this whole steam punk thing if I had the money". And, I imagine it takes a lot of money for this Datamancer project: The steam punk laptop.

This is a closed version of the laptop.

This is just stunning. Better yet, see what he did with the keyboard.

Victorian area stained-glass set in bronze and brass , with a braided brass cording. But the VERY coolest are the keys themselves.

That's just unfathomably cool. 

Anyway, go pay him a visit, and look at the laptop especially, including quill/inkpot stylus for the tablet. I have no idea how he can get this thing on an airplane, but the artistry is just amazing.

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