Dear Gaia, I promise we don't all hate you...

 Like adult teeth, this is the only one we've got...

This morning, during the Daily 'Tube posting, I had remarked how disappointed I was with the Copenhagen Walkout by developing African nations. It seems now, that the walkout has been averted:

Poor countries ended a boycott of U.N. climate talks Monday after getting assurances that rich nations were not conspiring to soften their commitments to cutting greenhouse gases, European officials said.

European Union environment spokesman Andreas Carlgren said informal talks resolved the impasse, which was started by African countries and backed by major developing countries, including China and India. Rich and poor countries "found a reasonable solution," he said.

Developing countries agreed to return to all working groups that they abandoned earlier in the day at the 192-nation conference, said Anders Frandsen, a spokesman for conference president Connie Hedegaard.

Well, that's positive at least...let's all pretend we're adults again, shall we?

Hopenhagen? Really? And you wonder why the rest of the world doesn't take you seriously...this is an issue, and summit, of weighty gravitas and you label it with a douchy, hipster name like "Hopenhagen"....

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