I love the Japanese: The "Girlfriend's Lap" Pillow

By the same country that brought you the Boyfriend's Arm pillow, and the Spooning Pillow, I am proud to introduce the "Girlfriend's Lap Pillow"....

All of my friends can attest that I would not sleep on this pillow, being far too occupied in determining what's up the skirt.

I honestly don't know what to make of this. I suppose in Japan, where feminism hasn't hit yet: A) All the women are furniture, B) they must contort themselves in uncomfortable positions while the man sleeps, C) they all have phenomenal legs that smell strangely of polyurethane. I just don't know...this one seems a little too weird, even for me. Thus, while the Spooning Pillow gets high marks, this one affirms that....

Yes, we are still Rick Hunt's bitch.

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