Sad news for the First Amendment*...

*lest I rehash this here, my feelings on creepers are pretty well set. I am however, much much more worried about abuse of the legal process for a quick, cheap political kill. 

Philip Greaves, world-class creeper and author of the notorious "Pedophiles Guide" (a/k/a a code of conduct for creepers to stay within the boundaries of the law), was -as you may remember, the subject of an attempted indictment by the State of Florida. A cheap, grand-standing political prosecution, based upon "obscenity", was set up for a quick-kill and cheaper political points.

Well, it worked.  Greaves pleaded no-contest/nolo in exchange for two year probation, to be served in his home state, and not having to register as a sex offender. The result of the settlement/plea means that he will continue to keep on, keeping on: nothing has changed, except that he's now considered a criminal, whereas previously he had no criminal record.

Defending pedophiles isn't my bag. But this was just horseshit from the word go. Carry on with your regularly scheduled march to the police state and brain-dead, uncritical populism.

Full story at BBC


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