Things you'll regret later in life...


Sorry, my head is about to absolutely asplode, so I took a much needed break from reality this weekend with some Netflix movies and a lot of diet root beer (I really should just switch to bourbon). With the move to Hawaii, and coordinating cross-country vacay, trying to study for another bar exam, and so forth, I am about as stressed as I've ever been (divorce excepted).

That whining aside, and my being interminably pissed at the IDF and the Likudniks (at home and abroad), I think we need to reflect on regret. And this, my friends, is what you will regret more than anything on this planet...A Sarah Palin Ass-Tattoo....

 But, don't worry, the Marine who mutilated himself with this monstrosity at least has good political reasons for doing so. According to Mr. Lepping "She's the hottest Cougar in the Republican party".

 On second thought, his reasoning is as shitty as his politics.

Now, I devoutly trust that your head has exploded.



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