Why cavemen were tougher than you or I...

 Ancient ancestor, looking for a date...

Obviously, our hominid ancestors were much, much tougher than you or I. But, how much tougher? Well, besides being hunted by sabre-toothed cats, hunting mammoths and surviving ice ages, what they ate was, by and large, the diet of supreme badasses.

In a recent story by Nat. Geo, a group of archeologists stumbled across a nearly 2 million year-old kitchen. In this preparation area the scientists discovered, among other things, that the diet of our ancestors included...holy shit, CROCODILES!

The work is based on bones and artifacts from a prehistoric “kitchen” that make up the earliest evidence that humans ate aquatic animals.

Stone tools and the butchered bones of turtles, crocodiles, and fish were found at the 1.95-million-year-old site in northern Kenya. No human bones were found, but the combination of remains suggests early humans used the site specifically to prepare meals.

The next time you grumble about skinning or de-boning a chicken, think about the implications of hunting, catching, killing, then cleaning a fucking crocodile...with rocks.

Scaly, toothsome reptiles...not just for nightmares anymore.



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