Some days, it just has to be done...Kanye

And by some days, I mean whenever whimsy strikes. I've had a fucking terrible day, and perhaps I'll even share it tomorrow. In the meanwhile, I'm going to drink alone and look at Kanye-Taylor Swift spoofs. Join me, won't you?

This is funny, but since my friends and fam are in the South, here's a prayer to stay safe from Ida bearing down on y'all.

Hmmm, with Veterans' Day approaching, not sure about this wisdom of this one...fuck it, it is funny, because in America EVERY DAY is 9/11 apparently.


Sometimes, even Kanye speaks truly...

More after the jump, including my favorites, one of which is *most definitely NSFW*



This is certainly much more like Kanye's typical mental state and/or educational attainment


Google is so much fucking win for this....


And this one displays my typical mental state and/or educational attainment....


Pure fucking gold. 

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