Happy Oktoberfest!


Whatever brilliant soul, back in antiquity, decided that the bar wench outfit was truly flattering on the bar wench, is my eternal hero: Billowing, yet flattering form below; plunging necklines that accentuate not just breasts but neck and shoulders; and all done in a non-tart fashion. In short, the bar wench dress screams femininity without a single skanky feature.


Moreover, God Bless Oktoberfest, since 1810 a celebratory feasting orgy of beer, cheese, pretzels, kraut, potato dumplings, horse-racing, gambling, Germany's martial glory and other Bavarian goodies. Did I mention really hot chicks and beer?

Bier und Brüstes!!!

Fräuleins Schön...Ich lieben Oktoberfest!

* To this day, "bier" and "brüstes" are two of the very few German words/phrases that I know with utter certainty (along with propositions for unsavory adult activities largely shunned in the United States).

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