Et Tu Spider?

In a world of increasing pussification, comes this latest debasing, emasculating news from the animal kingdom. Not content to spin webs, trap, enervate with all manners of toxins, and then lap up the delicious remnants, a group of pansy spiders in Mexico and Argentina have decided to go veggie on us.

Why should this spider try to steal food from an ant? The ant is food.

Vegetarian spiders. WTF?! More unnerving is that these spiders don't even try to suckle the juices out. No, just like the dirty hippies of the arachnid realm they are, these spiders first steal their fruit from ants, the eat it whole...in little pansy spider bites. Pitiful story here.

Take a hint from this nasty guy...this is a real spider, and...


And this is what real spiders do. They bite flesh...not apples.

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