Today's Hot Nerd: Librarian Tribute

I've always been of the opinion that a town doesn't really exist, much less have a soul, unless it has four or five essential things*:

1. A diner where people can gather for a good meal, coffee, dessert or just chitchat.
2. A pub or tavern to shoot some pool, have a drink and a few laughs.
3. Its own grocery store.
4. A community school.
5. And, a library.

It is to the local librarian that every child growing up in poverty learns that first lesson on the way to a better life: There are infinite possible worlds and possibilities for you...just pick up a book. To this end, I give you hot librarian pics as a token of my gratitude...

Admit it...it took you at least ten seconds to read the line after librarian.

I am firmly convinced that librarians are the root cause of all femdom fantasies, and it begins at a very early age.

So, so true...
  I have no idea if she's brilliant and well-read, but I would love to find out over a discussion of "The Story of O"...and, last, but not least....

Don't forget that Batgirl was a librarian...

* NB: Most of the little dipshit places here in the Great Plains lack at least 2 or 3 of these; which is why you can't properly call them towns. In reality, they are conglomerations of five or six families scattered out over miles of farmland.


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