Fun with drunk driving...

So, there's drunk driving, then there's "Holy shit, I should be dead". Out in Rapid City, South Dakota a woman was arrested on the eve of Christmas after her car had gone into the ditch. With the terrible weather in the Northern Plains, that doesn't always mean that you're drunk, but you could very well die if the cops can't get you out of the snow banks.

Now, imagine it's dark, subzero, winds creating a whiteout, you've got crappy cell reception, so you running the heater to stay alive...only problem is, the snow has blocked the exhaust. Killer.

When officers approached the vehicle, they discovered that she was passed out. Drunk. How drunk? So drunk that she set a state record, in a state that is in the top 5 for binge drinking.


A Sturgis woman had a blood-alcohol level of .708 percent, possibly a state record...Her blood-alcohol level was almost nine times South Dakota’s legal limit of .08 percent....a blood-alcohol level of .40 is considered a lethal dose for about 50 percent of the population. “Engle’s was almost double that,” Sondreal said.

Read that again: .708, almost 1% of her both was pure ethanol. That's not just drunk, that's not just a drinking problem, that's suicidal.

Makes a great shooter after your BAC hits, oh, .5 or .6

And now, only slightly tangential, stupid human tricks during the sobriety stop:

Sure it's from Reno 911, but it would still be funny if it happened.

Which, brings me this excuse to post a picture of lovely, awesome Clementine's phenomenal assets.

As if I needed one.


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