Yea! That'll teach 'em

The fuck'n FDA with their Marlboro-sponsored ban on Kreteks (cloves) were supposed to kill the 2.4$B Indonesian import business. But, no more my friends. The good folks at Kretek Int'l have gotten around that by introducing the the clove cigar. Vive the WTO!

To the left is the Djarum Black clove cigar, to the right is the Djarum Black clove cigarette. See, totally different. Fucking FDA, fucking do-gooder liberal democrats*

*Please note, I vote left, but that in no way makes me a squishy limousine liberal who'd rather ban tasty smokes than, I don't know, tackle health care, Iraq, Afghanistan, energy independence, green markets, sustainable growth, the economy, the trillions in post-Bush deficits, student loan reform, housing reform, human rights initiatives, bailouts to those companies and industries which apparently hate us all, and, last but not least, restoring the Constitutional rule of law <-- Rant over.

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