Scientologists: Forced abortionists....

Gotta' listen to V on this one, kids. 

Recall a few weeks ago when I detailed the story of Florida Scientologists who were kidnapping and torturing members who wished to leave their little cult? Well, that's pretty light treatment according to Australian Senator Xenophon, who's been documenting the latest parade of horribles by these thugs Down Under. Including:

- Paul Schofield admitted to being part of a campaign to cover up the facts surrounding the death of his two daughters, including two and a half-year-old Kirsty, who died during a purification programme.
- Aaron Saxton confined and tortured a follower and coerced females to have abortions, one who used a coat hanger for fear of punishment. He also has details of murder confessions from members in the US, information that was never passed on to police.
- Carmel Underwood was put under "extreme pressure" to have an abortion, and witnessed a young sexually abused girl being coached on how to keep it secret.
- Anna and Dean Detheridge, who were forced to reject a gay relative, provided evidence that personal information was used to blackmail and control them.
- Kevin Mackey revealed how he handed over nearly a million dollars in exchange for services and products after he was conditioned by the sect.
- Peta O'Brien was discouraged from seeking treatment for cancer, was cut off from her son and provided evidence of being assaulted.

What a laundry list: A) coerced abortions, B) concealed sexual assaults, C) child molestation, D) assault, E) bribery, F) blackmail, G) murder, H) kidnapping and I) torture. Sounds great. Sign me up. The Mafia is the only other tax-exempt organization I know with those aims.

Hey, listen up...we don't force abortions on anyone. That's just slander.

But surely, you say, these aer just a few bad apples? Nope. Don't forget this "church" is still proscribed in Germany for these very reasons, and France just fined the church 450,000 Euros for exorting money from a dying woman.  It is a criminal enterprise and a cult, not a religion at all. All in all, L. Ron Hubbard would be pretty proud, the program is working according to plan

Right out of the jackass's mouth...

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