Real life blog changes and Random YouTube

It is with sadness that I announce a few changes: First, one of my all-time favorite blogs, Babes with Books, is sadly no more. Along with the now-departed MZone, I think I should retire them from my links. Also, the excellent Ole' Miss blog, Red Solo Cup, changed its name, and the link should reflect that it is now the Red Cup Rebellion (www.redcuprebellion.com), part of the Sports Blog Nation (SBN).

Finally, G! has changed the formatting for their blogs, which has completely thrown my mod'd template out of whack. This means that this Sunday (with a massive hangover after celebrating another Alabama ass-kicking of Ole Miss), that I will be working away feverishly to correct the XML. I'll probably be doing something with the fonts as well...I despise san serif.

On tap over the upcoming week I hope to finish:
1. Things Republicans have done right
2. Post some interesting information on my quasi-domesticated black squirrel
3. Recap some liability issues re: Tim Tebow and Concussion-gate, which I believe is the lost factor in all of the brouhaha.
4. Bring back the hot nerds (and goth chicks, natch)
5. Preview a couple more Countries That Are Fucked (one day, America, it will be your turn, for the nonce Poland and some country ending with -uay are on the list).
6. Whatever YouTube I feel like listening to when I wake up, and
7. Whatever else tickles my fancy.

Now, because life is completely random...I present a drunken squirrel

Don't laugh; you've been here before.

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