Thursday took a sanity day...

Personal day today. Been overwhelmed since about December. Going to clear real world things off my plate today, but I'll touch base in a bit with the most ironic thing I've seen in a damned, long time.

For some reason (completely unknown to me), I'm really digging on the Five Finger Death Punch these days. Perhaps because it's what you rarely see anymore: earnest, semi-tolerable, rock and roll.

Doesn't exist much anymore, so when we find it, we should be thankful. The alternative is a world of Gaga and Bieber.


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  1. BTW: The kid who did the vid-clipping tribute for this did a good job. So, go thumbs-up him on You Tube. Obviously don't leave a comment, because as we all know those message boards will literally make you stupider by the second.