Thursday: Political Grindcore

Thanks Napalm Death, post-punk grind godfathers on the Noise/Earache label. After the Peel sessions, these guys went to the fucking A-list.

What is their relevance to today? For a post coming a bit later about hypocrisy...until then, enjoy Napalm Death's "Circle of Hypocrisy" from 1990's seminal "Harmony Corruption".

I got a concussion in the 1991 show in Atlanta when Barney kicked me in the head. I had just dropped a hit of four-way; probably not the wisest choice for first-time acid use.
And, no, I don't regret a second of it.

Lyrics go now:
Talk of unity - a far cry from the slander and rivalry
Why should we encourage what in fact is a circle of hypocrisy

Impulsive jealosy
Where;s the so-called harmony?
Internally untrusting
Externally inspiring

Assume your place above the rest
The wisest of the less
The knowledge you'll never possess
Compensated for with single-mindedness

Bored with life you turn to test
Battleground for pettiness
Pick at flies to justify
Temper's raised - You wonder why?


Supposedly Accessible
Come support our scene
Just another target
Harassed to the extreme

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